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Abnormal Head CT Scan
What is a CT Scan?
A CT scan is a computerized axial tomographic scan. A CT scan uses special X-ray equipment to produce an image that is a cross section or a slice of your body. When you are looking at or “reading” a CT scan film, think of the patient like a loaf of bread and the image like one slice from that loaf.

CT scans can be used tp help diagnose a variety of medical conditions, including cancer, vascular disease, and cirrhosis. Depending on a patient's symptoms, the CT scan may be performed on different areas of the body.

CT Scan Overview
This link offers a good overview of CT scans, including information on how this scan is done. Pay special attention to the images presented by this link. The CT scan image of the abdomen offers a great comparison of a traditional X-ray and a CT scan. It also shows what a liver tumor looks like on a scan. Finally, the CT scan slices will help you understand the perspective of the CT scan itself.


What does it mean to have an abnormal head CT scan?
An abnormal head CT scan result means when the doctor reviews the scan s/he see something about the head that is different from normal anatomy.


Possible causes/diagnosis:

CT Scans done on other parts of the body may be read as abnormal for many different reasons. Click here for a more complete list of the possible causes of an abnormal CAT scan. Note that you can click on a cause listed here to get more information.