Medical Detective
Email from K.C. Hammond

K.C. Hammond, Private Investigator
Welcome to Hammond Investigations
Welcome to Hammond Investigations. You’ll be joining us as a junior investigator on our latest death investigation case.

Case Overview
Three days ago, a local woman named Linda Lawson died of a gunshot wound to the chest while in the bedroom of her home. Her husband Mark was the only person present at the time and does not recall details of what happened. Mark claims that his wife committed suicide; however, police have named him as a suspect in this case. His parents, George and Gilda Lawson, are concerned that Mark might be accused of murdering his wife, so they have hired our firm to find out what we can about the situation.

Your Job
With that in mind, your job is to follow the death investigation from start to finish and determine whether Linda Lawson’s death was suicide (she killed herself) or homicide (Mr. Lawson killed her). If Mr. Lawson does get charged with murder, it’s possible that you could be called into court to testify, so you need to keep good records of what you find out and of all the evidence you collect.

Your Mentor
As the owner of Hammond Investigations, I like to keep a close eye on things around here. So, I’ll be supervising your work closely as you work on this case. I will send you another email shortly with the initial case materials we’ve gotten from the police on the Lawson case, along with further instruction on how to get started.

Death investigations are never simple. I think we’ve got our work cut out for us on this one, so I’m glad you’re around to help get to the bottom of things.


K.C. Hammond, P.I
Hammond Investigations



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