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Email from Dr. Chris Lang

Dr. Chris Lang
Welcome to Highland Hospital
Newspaper Article
Welcome to Highland Hospital . You’ll be joining us as an intern in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Your Job
As a first-year intern in the ICU, your job is to care for critically ill patients - - and by extension their families. ICU cases are always very serious and often life-threatening. An important part of an ICU doctor’s job is not only caring for the patient, but also being able to communicate clearly with the family about the patient’s condition and about treatment options. It requires sensitivity and empathy in addition to a thorough understanding of the medical situation at hand.

Your First Case
Two days ago, a young patient named Nick Herren arrived in the ICU after having collapsed on the basketball court at the local university. The university’s medical staff resuscitated him at the scene, but he’s been unconscious ever since.

I’d like you to follow Nick’s case. It has been getting some local media coverage; I have attached a news clipping for you to get an idea of what has been reported so far.

Your Mentor
As the ICU attending physician, I’ll be supervising your work closely as you care for Nick and communicate with his family. I will be sending you the materials you need related to this case, along with further instruction on how to get started.

It’s good to have you on the team.

Best regards,

Chris Lang, M.D.

Highland Hospital


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